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Lakeland didn't used to have a raccoon problem. Back before the 1980's, raccoons were rare in Lakeland and lived in the more remote or undeveloped regions of Florida. But then they suddenly became more used to urban and suburban neighborhood settings, and are now found throughout Lakeland. While they are more urban animals, like rats or squirrels, we still regard them as special and talented animals, worthy of respect and humane treatment. We specialize in wild animals only, not pest insects, and we never use poison. We want to help you solve your raccoon problem, but we don't want to kill these animals! Call us at 863-232-5573 to discuss your raccoon issue.

In the long run, the walls and materials used for homes tend to get weaker. When this happens, it gets easier for critters and rodents to make their way into the property -which causes further problems with it. A common pest that invades a property is the raccoon. They tend to find places to stay close to their food sources, including gardens and even inside homes. Damages can be made to the property if the infestation grows for longer periods of time. Among the many wildlife control services in the area, our company is known as one of the top rated for raccoon removal services. Our goal includes removing raccoons from properties through the help of humane methods that comply with state rules. To do this, we equip our crew with the latest technology and devices to use during the removal process. Our team is licensed and have mastered effective techniques with their years of experience. We make sure our customers truly feel safe in their homes, which is why we inspect every inch of the property by the time we arrive. As much as possible, we want to locate every entry point and possible nesting area before we begin the exclusion process. After the removal, we also offer home and building repairs along with different preventive measures to keep out rodents from coming back to property for good! Our services are open to emergency cases, as well as same-day or next day appointments when needed. Our lines are open for calls 24 hours a day, with a friendly phone staff ready to give you the answers and information you need. Contact us for any questions, to get an estimate or to get some simple advice on what you can do when dealing with raccoons in your property!